Here you will find a non-exhaustive list of resources for pipers. If you know of any other great links, please let us know via the contact page.


Tunes - Some suggested tunes to learn and play together
Blank Sheet Music - Free custom-made blank manuscript paper
Ross's Music Page - Some history and repertoire of piping music
Virtual Session - Play along to some of the favourite session tunes

Local Australian Bands with Celtic Pipes
Astráil (SA) - young artists playing traditional and original tunes, songs and incorporating dance, featuring uilleann pipes, fiddle, flute and more
Blackbird (Vic/SA) - featuring uilleann pipes & Scottish smallpipes
Celtic Fusion (Brisbane, Qld) - A versatile Irish band featuring uilleann pipes
Duck Duck Goose (Melbourne, Vic) - featuring Scottish smallpipes & oboe
Fresh Off the Boat (Sydney, NSW) - featuring uilleann pipes, guitar, flute and other instruments
Kinloch Trio (Gippsland, Vic) - featuring guitar, fiddle and Border pipes
Likely Celts (Warrnambool, Vic) - an unlikely blend of Irish, Scottish, reggae and jazz featuring Scottish smallpipes & Border pipes
Lisnacrieve (Vic/SA) - a 4 piece Irish traditional music group featuring accordion, pipes, fiddle & guitar
McBlues Band (Vic) - 6 piece group playing jazzed up, bluesy, traditional Celtic music on smallpipes, saxophone, mandolin, fiddles, harp, harmonica, guitar and double bass
MunsterBucks (Brisbane, Qld) - the only all Irish band in Brisbane (if not Australia) made up of a Corkman, Kerryman and a Waterford man, featuring uilleann pipes, guitar, banjo, whistles and more
Taliska (Melbourne, Vic) - Taliska captivates audiences with the much-loved music of Scotland, featuring Scottish smallpipes
Trioc (Melbourne, Vic) - Irish traditional music
The Triskeles (Adelaide, SA) - Playing traditional Celtic music, the uilleann pipes are regularly featured
Working Dog Union (Vic/SA) - Working Dog Union play an eclectic mix of traditional music from Ireland, Scotland and Australia and a swag of originals, featuring uilleann pipes

Northumbrian Smallpipes
Northumberland Down Under Tour (NZ) - Helen Capes leads a musical tour of South Island, New Zealand
Northumbrian Smallpipes (UK) with Richard Butler

Scottish Smallpipes & Lowland / Border Pipes
The Lowland and Border Pipers' Society (UK) - A great group of piping enthusiasts
Alternative Pipers of North America (USA & Canada) - Another great group of piping enthusiasts
Chris Apps Reeds - Maker of reeds for Smallpipes & now Border pipes (oh, and Highland pipes too!)
Burgess Bagpipes (UK) - Maker of Scottish smallpipes & Border pipes
Dragonfly Music (UK) - Great books and CDs by Matt Seattle
Fred Morrison (USA) - Reel pipes and Smallpipes
Garvie Bagpipes (UK) - Pipes made by Nigel Richards
Hope Pipes (UK) - Pipes made by Simon Hope
Hornpipe Music (Scotland) - Pete Stewart's website specialising in the publication of music and music related items which feature the repertoire and instruments of European traditional music from the 14th to the 21st centuries
Ian Kinnear (Scotland) - maker of Scottish smallpipes and uilleann pipes
Iona Bagpipes (Aus) - Scottish Smallpipes made by Bill Hart
Lochalsh Pipes (Scotland) - Scottish Smallpipes and Border pipes made by Ross Calderwood
McLaren Synthetic Reeds (Aus) - Reeds and pipes made by Malcolm McLaren
Nate Banton (USA) - Scottish Smallpipes and Border pipes made by Nate Banton
Pinchbeck Pipes (USA) - Scottish Smallpipes with keyed chanters and extended range drones; also bags for smallpipes, Border pipes & uilleann pipes
Quietpiper Smallpipes (USA) - Scottish Smallpipes made by Robert Felsburg
The Lowland Piper (Scotland) - Musings on the music of the Lowland and Border regions of Scotland and England
The Smallpiper Podcast (UK) - The blogspot of piper Vicki Swan, including tunes and tips
Tidy Cottage Smallpipes (USA) - by E J Jones in Texas
Uilleann and other Irish Pipes
Banba Design (Ire) - Reed- and pipe-maker, Martin Gallen. Also sells reed-making instructions, tools & other products
BC Childress Uilleann Pipes (USA) - Bruce Childress, maker of bellows blown bagpipes, specialising in the Irish uilleann pipes
Bill Haneman (Ire) - Maker of Uilleann pipes
David Daye's Bagpipe Page (USA) - Instructional material
David Goldsworthy (Aus) - Uilleann pipes made to order in Australia
Ian Kinnear (Scotland) - maker of Scottish smallpipes and uilleann pipes
Kelleher Traditional (Ire) - Uilleann pipe bags and bellows
Mark Donohoe (Ire) - Uilleann pipe maker from Co. Kerry, Ireland (email only)
Internet Archives (Ire) - Old recordings of famous Uilleann pipers
Ray Sloan (Ire) - Maker of uilleann pipes, Scottish smallpipes and other border pipes; also offers pipemaking holidays
Seth Hamon (USA) - Scottish, Irish, Northumbrian and Swedish Bagpipes

Irish Warpipe (Ire) - A website devoted to the two-drone Irish Warpipe
Irish Warpipe (USA) - Information and events
Na Piobairi Uilleann (Ire) - Society of Uilleann Pipers

Australian Links of Interest
Celtic Southern Cross - Music supplies and annual summer school
Folk Alliance Australia - Supporting the Folk Arts
Mark McDonnell's Weekly Slow Session - Great for beginner and intermediate session players
National Folk Festival - Australia's major folk festival held in Canberra over Easter
Pipe Bands Victoria - Pipe Bands Victoria (PBV) is the coordinating body for pipe bands in Victoria, Australia. Contact PBV to book bands, join a band, or learn to play the Highland bagpipes or drums.

Other Links of Interest
Ceol Mor - resources for studying the music and artistry of the great highland bagpipe
Worldwide List of Airline Policies re. Musical Instruments - from the International Federation of Musicians (FIM)
The History and Use of Bagpipes in Theatre & Dance
Tom Anderson's Pipers' Supply (USA) - supply of black cobblers' wax, hemp thread, cane and other materials
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