Talbot Piping Weekend 2014

The Celtic Piping Club is proud to host the 2nd annual Talbot Piping Weekend on 8-10 August 2014.

Held in the tiny town of Talbot "where the gold rush began", the weekend will provide opportunities to get together with other pipers to play, learn and socialise.

The weekend is ideal for players of, or people interested in, the Scottish smallpipes, uilleann pipes, Northumbrian smallpipes or any other form of Celtic pipes. This includes both mouth-blown and bellows-blown instruments. Partners are also welcome.

The programme will include music and technical workshops, maintenance, meals, socialising and informal playing in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Some of the fun at a fireside session at the Talbot Piping Weekend in 2013.



Friday 8 August

During the afternoon, a number of pipers will provide a demonstration at the Highview Secondary College in Maryborough.

Participants arrive between 4 pm and 8 pm. Please note there is no meal supplied on the Friday night although participants are welcome to use the kitchen to prepare or heat food. Take-away and sit-down meals are available locally, but limited.

Friday evening will be an opportunity for pipes maintenance (to make sure they’re in working order for the weekend!) and a night of social piping.

Saturday 9 August

There will be a full day of workshops between 9 am and 4.30 pm, including rhythm and style, adapting Highland pipe tunes for smallpipes and uilleann piping tuition. Please bring a few of your own tunes to adapt at the workshop.

The afternoon feature is a reed making workshop by Pat Lyons.

At 5pm the Celtic Piping Club will host a soiree in Bryce's Bistrot at London House, open to the local community. This soiree will be a casual pre-dinner affair with wine, cheese and piping - what more could you want!

The day will conclude with dinner at Bryce's Bistrot, followed by social piping by the crackling fireplace back at Chesterfield House. Note to pipers - head to our Tunes pages under 'Resources and Links' for some music to common tunes we can share at the fireside sessions.

Sunday 10 August

Starting a little later to recover from a big night of playing music, the day will commence at 10am with a crash course in music theory for pipers. The weekend will conclude with lunch and check-out by 1.30 pm.


Venue / Accommodation

The Piping Weekend will be held at Chesterfield House, 2 Ballarat Street North, Talbot.

Talbot is a small community located 15 kms south of Maryborough, off the Ballarat-Maryborough Road. Allow about 50 mins travel time from Ballarat.

Talbot was a bustling gold rush town in the 1850s. Today it is a quiet and charming village, featuring a number of historic buildings. Chesterfield House was built in 1866. Formerly a hotel, the establishment operated as a pub for nearly 100 years. It is now fully refurbished and available for group hire.

Chesterfield House offers accommodation for about 12 people in a combination of double rooms and twin and triple-share rooms. For pictures etc. see http://www.chesterfieldhousebandb.com.au/Chesterfield House also offers five private double cottages located in the gardens of the main manor house.

There are other accommodation options available in the Talbot township, ranging from basic camping to deluxe. Check out www.talbottourism.org for further accommodation options.

Pricing / Bookings
Registrations have closed. However, if you want to come along, please email us. We'd love to see you there and should be able to sort out something so you can join in too.